Parents have great things to say about Start Here! Preschool

"I love that Start Here! Preschool allows me to volunteer in my son's class and witness every part of his school day. I see firsthand what his interactions are with other children and with his teachers. Being a part of the Start Here coop allows me the invaluable experience of being a part of my son's education from the very beginning." - Emily

"Start Here! Preschool has not only fulfilled, but wildly exceeded my family's expectations in a preschool. The curriculum and activities emphasize learning and socialization in a safe setting, among a wonderful peer group and caring families. Thank you Start Here! for doing a great job readying my daughter for Kindergarten." – Stacy

"This school is a wonderful community to be part of. It is a place I feel safe and comfortable bringing my child, knowing he is in good hands. The excellent student to adult ratio sets everyone up for success. Children are well supervised, socially supported and free to learn. The teachers are also creative, vibrant, enthusiastic and caring. They easily capture children's attention and spark a natural interest in learning. We look forward to returning with our younger son." - Krystal

"Start Here preschool has opened up my daughter to new adventures with the learn through play approach. She now knows how to use her imagination and explore big possibilities, while still learning how to write her name, recognize letters and numbers. Best of all, she has learned how to be a balanced and respectful individual. Start Here has changed the way we think about preschool. It has truly become our family. I love the quote, "It takes a village to raise a child". Start Here is our "village". My daughter is a better person for having experienced such a nurturing environment and I have no doubt she will be successful in school in the future, after attending this amazing preschool." – Kelsey

"My son looks forward to school each and every day (and thanks to Calendar Time, he knows all the days of the week!). Each week has become a countdown to Wednesday when he can see his friends and teachers again. The fun questions and information that pop out of his mouth now often catches me by surprise. "Mom, why is Pluto not a planet, anymore?". My son loves all of the reading, counting, field trips, and fun learning that goes on. At night when we are laying next to each other in his bed before stories, he tells me about the new units he is looking forward to every month or how he can't wait for his turn to be a classroom helper. I get an update on who was at school and the activities that went on. Thank you for giving my son such a bright beginning and a great outlook on school." - Karen

"When I first looked in to preschool, I was a concerned mom. The idea of sending my kiddo off to school and not being there made me nervous. Even after seeing the school, I didn't really understand what Learn Through Play meant. I didn't want to pay for my kid to just go play somewhere.

Now after two years at this amazing school, I have such a great appreciation for the Learn Through Play philosophy and the cooperative approach. My daughter now has an excellent foundation of social skills and ability to problem solve. She has learned so much, while playing and having fun.

The school has truly been a great experience both for our daughter and family. I loved serving on the board with other parents and look forward to returning with our son for another two years of preschool." - Shannon